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Smallmouth Yellowfish on the Vaal River

Not too long ago I was invited by a friend of mine to fish one of his “secret spots” that he has on the Vaal river. He mentioned that he was the only person with access to this specific stretch of the Vaal river and that we would be the only people fishing the spot….

Carp on Fly

Now to many fly fisherman Carp aren’t a very glamorous species to target on fly. Some people call them a trash fish due to them being quite adaptable to any form of water, which means that they aren’t always found in the most pristine of waters. They will pretty much flourish any where they are…

Exploring the Ash River

I think most of us (unfortunately) can only dream of fly fishing those exotic locations that lie beyond our borders. A trip to these idyllic destinations can cost an arm and a leg and it’s already hard enough standing up straight on two legs fishing in the Vaal! Places like New Zealand, Idaho and Kamchatka…

Smallstream Fly Fishing in the Western Cape

Smallstream fly fishing for wild trout is without a doubt my favorite form of fly fishing. There is nothing better than casting a small dry fly upstream and waiting for the take, the anticipation gets me excited each and every time! Not too long ago I went to fish the Smallblaar river in the Western…

Bowhunting Giraffe – A Tall Order

Thursday 24 February 2011, started like any other day for me. I got to the office, made some coffee and settled in behind my computer. I usually get to the office nice and early to give myself some time to plan my day, read some e-mails and of course to visit a couple of bowhunting forums…

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