Most people will argue that Sunday is their favourite day of the week. You get to spend time with your family, indulge in a big lunch and the best part of the day is having an afternoon nap on the couch in front of the TV.

Or you could go fly fishing, which is what we usually do on Sundays.

We headed to one of our favourite Yellowfish spots for what would be our official last trip to the Vaal river of 2014. The rest of the year will be spent at the coast fly fishing for Garrick, Grunter and other estuarine species, but more about that later…


We arrived at our spot on the Vaal river just after sunrise and there was a substantial Caddis hatch in progress which got us fairly excited.

Another reason that had us eager to hit the water was that we wanted to test our new 10ft 5 & 6wt TFO BVK nymphing rods on the resident Vaal river Yellowfish (expect a review sometime in the near future).


To sum it up, we had a very productive morning and we ended our 2014 Vaal season on a high note. We caught all our fish on nymphing leader setups, with Frenchies and GUNS being the most productive flies of the day.

Here is a short video of our sunday session:

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