I was playing around with some ideas for an new Damselfly nymph pattern, and after some trial and error I came up with this idea. Damselfly nymphs are an important part of a Trout’s diet and especially so in stillwater environments, thus it is important to have a good Damsel pattern in your box when heading out to a stillwater venue.


Fly materials used:
1. #10 Dohiku Scud Hook
2. Olive Thread
3. Olive Seal’s Fur Dubbing
4. Olive Larva Lace Tubing
5. Olive Select CDC (Cul De Canard)
6. Olive Hungarian Partridge
7. Bead Chain Eyes or burnt Monofilament


Tying sequence:
1. Slide one CDC feather into a 1 1/2″ piece of Larva Lace tubing.
2. Wrap the hook shank with thread from the eye of the hook to about halfway down the shank.
3. Tie in the eyes about 2mm behind the eye of the hook and then tie in the tubing with the CDC feather inside. Make sure to push the CDC feather in far enough to wrap it in with the tubing.
4. Tie in the Hungarian Partridge for the legs and dub with the Seals fur to form the thorax and the head of the fly.


I usually fish them (as most people fish other damsel patterns) with a floating line on a relatively long 3-4X leader (12ft) and if prevalent, I target weedbeds or any other type of vegetation in the water. The materials used gives the fly a very realistic silhouette and the fly has very good movement in the water. They almost always produce fish, and they they are definitely in my top 10 of must have flies for targeting stillwater Trout.

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