The PTN (Pheasant Tail Nymph) is possibly one of the most effective flies ever tied and over the years there have been many variations of this very effective fly. The PTN and most of it’s variants are simple to tie and is a very effective Mayfly nymph imitation. One of my friends recently introduced me to the Frenchie, which is basically a PTN with a hotspot tied into it. The hotspot can either be a high-vis thread collar or a thorax made of Ice UV dubbing just behind the bead.

Fly materials used:
1. #10 Dohiku Scud Hook
2. Orange thread
3. Pheasant tail fibers
4. Silver wire
5. 2mm Tungsten bead
6. Coq de Leon fibres


Tying sequence:
1. Slide the tungsten bead onto the hook, wrap the hookshank with thread and tie in the Coq de leon for the tail and the silver wire for the ribbing.
2. Tie in about 5 strands of pheasant tail fibers, wrap forward and tie in just behind the bead
3. Bring the wire forward for the ribbing and tie in behing the bead.
4. Form a hot spot collar with the thread just behind the bead, whip finish and give it some head cement.

As you can see this fly is very easy to tie and doesn’t take much time to tie either. I usually use it to target cruising fish whilst sight fishing for them or as a point fly when fishing it NZ or Euro nymphing style.

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