If you are in the market for a quality yet affordable small stream rod, you are going to have to look far and wide to try and beat Stealth’s 2wt, 4 piece, 8ft Infinity fly rod. Firstly, it’s very easy on the eye. With Nickel reel seat fittings, snake rings, an AAA Grade cork grip and a California wood burl reel seat, it surely can compete quality and looks wise with any of the top selling brands worldwide. Made with Nano-Quartz technology it is very light and strong. It also comes in an aluminium rod tube and a tube sock to protect your investment.


Now, personally I prefer my small stream rods to have a sensitive tip, yet preferably it should have enough backbone that should you unexpectedly hook into that big Mooi River Brown, that you would still be able to land the fish without exhausting it. The Infinity does exactly that. It gives you the sensitivity that you require whilst fishing tiny dry flies but has the power in the lower third of the rod’s blank to apply and maintain pressure when needed. It is not too stiff for a small stream rod though, so don’t be afraid that you’ll break off your 7 or 8X tippets, but you have the advantage that when the wind maybe picks up a bit that you will still be able to cast comfortably due to it’s medium to fast


The 8ft length certainly has it advantages over the more common 7ft length of 2wt rods. You have the benefits of being able to cast a little bit further when needed, and the extra length really helps when you are high sticking.


At the end of the day it all comes down to personal taste. If you are looking for a small stream rod, then go to your local fly fishing pro shop and ask them for a 2wt Stealth Infinity. It’s important to cast it for yourself and then form an opinion.


You wouldn’t buy a car without taking it for a test drive, would you?

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