Silent Hunter Suppressors Review

I recently purchased a Silent Hunter suppressor for my Howa .243 Winchester from Henk Viljoen in Bloemfontein who has been manufacturing suppressors for the last couple of years. So many people have been praising his products that I had to order one from him to see what the fuss is about.


I was indeed pleasantly surprised with the results of the suppressor as there was a dramatic reduction in the sound and the recoil of the rifle. It is very compact (only 38mm x 180mm) and weighs about 500 grams, which makes it one of the most compact but not the lightest steel suppressors available.


I can honestly recommend Silent Hunter suppressors to anyone in the market for a good quality suppressor for hunting purposes. His prices are also very competitive and his products are rated amongst the very best.

I tested the point of impact before and after fitting the Silent Hunter suppressor at 100 meters and there was almost no difference in the POI. These results will be different from rifle to rifle and not everyone might experience the same results as I did.


Here is a short video to demonstrate the difference in sound before and after the suppressor was fitted:

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  1. After many years of considering the suitability of a Rifle Suppressor, I approached Henk Viljoen of Silent Hunter in Bloemfontein to fit this luxury to my 270 caliber rifle. The result(s) were beyond expectations. The first ten shots were suppressed, but louder than I expected. However a 270, on its own, is, compared to a 243, very much louder. I went out to the veld and, when firing at a group of approaching 5 warthogs, the group – now 4 – stood looking around, a little bit nervously. This was at 90 paces. They moved off to 105 paces – when the 2nd one fell. They spread out slightly and the 3rd warthog dropped at 110 paces. I took the 4th pig at 120 paces. The 5th pig decided to seek pastures elsewhere. It was at this stage that I realised that I had not noticed the volume of the rifle – for all 4 shots. The warthogs were also unaware of the rifle shots – they were possibly more concerned about the very clear sound of the bullet hitting flesh. A Silencer – 2nd to none.

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