One of the most productive stillwater flies for Trout (and other freshwater species) is the humble Midge which are one of the most prevalent sources of food for Trout in many stillwaters across the globe. Their life cycle has three phases which are important to the fly fisherman. Firstly is the larvae, then the pupae and finally the adult. Sometimes Midges hatch sporadically throughout the day, thus making them a very important addition to any angler’s fly box.

The Buzzer I tie (which is a pupae imitation) is very plain, simple and quick to tie. But as many fly tiers and fly fisherman will tell you, sometimes the deadliest of flies are the ones that are the least complicated to tie. Simple, yet very effective. Plus the less time you spend behind the vice, the more you have on the water to fish!


Fly materials used:
1. #12 Knapek Midge Pupae
2. Black Thread
3. Orange Goose Biot
4. Silver wire
5. Sally Hansen Hard as Nails


Tying sequence:
1. Lay a base of black thread and tie in a piece of silver wire at the back.
2. Form a slender body with the black thread and form the ribbing forward with the silver wire.
3. Tie in the point if the goose biot facing forward about one third from the eye of the hook.
4. Create a thorax with the black thread in front of where you tied in the goose biot, leaving about 2mm open from the eye of the hook.
5. Now pull the biots forward and tie them off just behind the eye of the hook, trim of the excess of the biots and then create a neat head with the thread.
6. Coat the fly several times with Sally Hansen.

I usually fish them static under a strike indicator (Thingamabobber or dry fly) or I use them when sight fishing for picky Trout. These are very productive when the fish are feeding sub surface and refusing any other offerings you might present to them. Tie a couple, test them and let me know if they worked for you!

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