I recently purchased a Boyds Featherweight Thumbhole rifle stock for my short action Howa 1500 in .243 Winchester. The reason for this is that the Hogue stocks that the Howa rifles come out with as standard are a bit light for my preference and personally I like the look of a laminate or wooden stock more.


The installation was quite straight forward. The reason for this is that you can order the stock from Boyds already with the inlet cut and finished so it is basically ready to fit when you receive it.


All you need is the right tools for the job (a set of Allen Keys) and you are ready to go. It takes about 5 minutes and anyone will be able to do it. Just loosen the two screws on the bottom of the Houge stock (on Howa model 1500 rifles) and remove the stock from the barreled action. The magazine floorplate will also come loose when you remove the Hogue stock.


After that you can put the barreled action into the Boyds stock, insert the magazine floor plate and fasten the two screws into the stock. You are now ready for the range!


Please note that for optimum accuracy I would suggest taking your rifle and your new Boyds stock to a qualified gunsmith to have the stock professionally bedded and fitted.

*This is only a guideline to fit a Boyds rifle stock and I hereby exempt myself from any claims due to any damages, injuries or fatalities caused by the improper fitment of a rifle stock.

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